Ocean Art Additives

The easiest way to keep a freshwater and saltwater aquarium. We try to make the hobby more accessible with our products.

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Also for freshwater aquariums

With Freshwater Elixer, no3+ and po4+, keeping various freshwater aquariums becomes possible. From shrimps in nano aquariums, discus fish, cichlids, predators, community aquariums and even ponds. Do you want to make the aquarium run better and change your water less often; Freshwater Elixir is for you!

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Our goal

The idea behind Ocean Art is to make the hobby easier and more effective, more scientific, more environmentally friendly and more fun. Our team consists of experts in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, marine biology, market researchers, enthusiastic hobbyists and just a lot of people with beautiful aquariums. After five years of continuous experimentation, we finally have a product line that will delight the hobby
change. A Game Changer!

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