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Ocean Art Additives

To the products

Ocean Art Additives

ReefELIXER; All the elements, a little ReefBALANCE and ReefFUEL

ReefBALANCE; Amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, bacteria with various effects and a little ReefFUEL

ReefFUEL, The most concentrated carbon source on the market, specially selected bacteria to reduce no3 and po4

ReefFUEL No3 + a simple nitrate booster which is immediately measurable

ReefFUEL Po4 + a simple phosphate booster which is immediately measurable

Freshwater Elixer, all in one product for freshwater aquariums, improves water quality, feeds plants and animals with various nutrients, reduces nitrate and phosphate

Ocean Art Aquarium Glue; stick everything in your tank above and underwater. But also things that are not aquarium related. And fingers.

Also for freshwater aquariums

Our goal

Innovating how to keep an aquarium.

Easier and more effective, more scientific, more environmentally friendly and making the hobby more fun is the idea behind Ocean Art. Our team consists of experts in microbiology, biochemistry, marine biology, market researchers, enthusiastic hobbyists and just a lot of people with beautiful aquariums. After five years of continuous experimentation, we finally have a product line that will change the hobby. A Game Changer!

Our products provide solutions to problems that the hobby is dealing with.

By using the Ocean Art products, the hobby becomes a lot simpler. You only need to keep the KH value correct, other substances are consumed in proportion to this value. This decreases the chance of human error. Without limited knowledge, even beginners can start a beautiful aquarium.

The traditional way of keeping a marine aquarium basically relies heavily on the chemical additives and obtaining perfect parameters by testing and dosing them. This is different in nature. All kinds of processes are done by microorganisms to make the ecosystem suitable for corals. Through lengthy research and experimentation, we have successfully found a way to mimic this process as much as possible. For every problem in our aquariums, we first look at how nature solves it. The focus is nutrition and stability, the perfect water parameters are secondary to this.

The unique nature of our products saves you time, money, electricity, technology and space. When the target values have been reached, it makes certain equipment redundant. The refugium, algae filter, zeolite filter, biopellet reactor, (sulfur) nitrate reactor, fleece filter, power filter or even the protein skimmer can be disconnected if the system allows this, also resulting in a considerably lower energy bill, fewer things break down, and there is less maintenance. Water changes are becoming less and less or even disappear.

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Started with reef fuel and now running on reef elixir. Maintaining a marine aquarium has never been easier.

Mike van den Bergh

Super happy with Reef Elixer and Fuel. The corals are very happy with beautiful expansion. Me confusa is so happy that he has such a polyp expansion that you can hardly see the green anymore

Evert Van Lieshout

Reeffuel in combination with Dastaco. Can only recommend the product. Never got nitrate and phosphate in balance so smoothly.

Frank Fincken

Very satisfied. Some more fine-tuning. Run it in combination with a DastaCo lime reactor. Refugium and Phytoplankton from our own cultivation. Why a DastaCo. Yes, I have had it for years and will not leave the house. expensive for it. It was a point of attention because of the Kh. But so far it goes fine. Notice that the reef elixir and lime reactor go together nicely. Where after 2 months the CO2 bottle was already empty, it is not yet in need of replacement Believe in the product, which gives me peace of mind in the hobby 1 dosing point and no longer manually adding bottles every evening.

Johannes Velda

I chose ReefElixer because it was always a hassle to refill everything separately  

Well I can report that this works great for me. Everything depends on the kh  

The corals turn well and make beautiful feet and the zoanthuses multiply well

No refreshments and the corals are growing like crazy

Gerard van Lith