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Reef Elixer

Freshwater Elixir

Freshwater Elixir

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Freshwater Elixer is an all-in-one addition developed for freshwater aquariums.

The latest knowledge and science of microbiological technology and beneficial nutrients have been applied to make this product possible

The specially selected bacteria ensure the creation of a good ecosystem in your freshwater aquarium. Within the starting phase of your marine aquarium, it is important to achieve an optimal biological balance to prevent problems such as algae growth, excessive nitrite and ammonium. These must be converted into nitrate and phosphate. This product is also perfect for starting an aquarium. This product contains selected bacteria, probiotics, bacteria in the form of endospores, amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, (co)enzymes, iron for plants, plants and herbal extracts. Everything to improve the health, resistance and color of living animals and plants. The nitrate and phosphate are also well reduced by Freshwater Elixir. This makes it possible to do fewer water changes and keep more fish.

The recommended dosage is 20 ml per 100 liters of aquarium per week. Adding part of this daily is also possible and you can increase the dosage if necessary, taking into account the nitrate and phosphate.

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