Explanation of Ocean Art Products

Reef elixir is our all in 1. It combines 3 things; Trace elements, ReefBALANCE, ReefFUEL. If you want to use 1 product, then this is the product for you. This product is for aquariums with stony corals.

ReefBALANCE, are the amino acids, vitamins, bacteria, nutrients and a tiny bit of ReefFUEL. A product to create a bacterial ecosystem for your aquarium and to feed your corals, fish and desired living organisms, to achieve a balance. It slowly replaces the bacteria you already have. It also combats red flap. Great in combination with another method or a little with ReefELIXER (50% less than the recommended amount). Fortunately, you don't dose too much of this, the excess disappears through the skimmer. This product is for aquariums with a different method, for fish only or soft coral aquariums.

ReefFUEL is our fully organic carbon source with a few types of bacteria to effectively tackle no3 and po4. These bacteria produce little to no mucus because they thrive in aquarium conditions. Bacteria that produce mucus create their own house in which they feel good. ReefFUEL also contains a bacterium that stores more phosphate in its body than it needs. When it dies, it is reabsorbed by other bacteria. Bacteria die, form a clump and are the perfect food for corals and fish. Because ReefFUEL is so concentrated, we use it in our additives. Purely as a product to lower NO3 and PO4 it is incredibly concentrated. Extremely suitable for very large aquariums, tanks, zoos and even fish farms. A 5 liter jug ​​can potentially provide half a million to a million liters of water per day with a carbon source. If you have a smaller aquarium it may be easier to use ReefBALANCE to lower no3 and po4. ReefFUEL is too concentrated for aquariums under 100 liters.

There is now also ReefFUEL NO3+ and ReefFUEL PO4+. A simple single-purpose product just like ReefFUEL to increase your no3 and po4 with an easy concentration and a color that is the same as the corresponding test so that it looks nice in a dosing tank. No3 is pink and po4 is light blue.