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Reef Elixer

Reef Elixer

Reef Elixer

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Reef Elixer is a all in one additive.

What does it contain?

-All the elements you need, the dosage based on your kh consumption. (Kh, CA, Mg, Sr, b, br, ba, k, s, Li, MO, MN, zn, I)
-bacteria and bacteria nutrition to deal with nitrate and phosphate.
Several solutions to prevent a cyano outbreak
-probiotics, various nutrients, co-enzymes and more to achieve a healthy ecosystem in the aquarium.
plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids as well as many bacteria and microorganisms to nourish the corals. These will grow more beautiful, healthier and much faster than before. This is because they are fed with every dose. This also gives the aquarist more freedom with the water paramters of the aquariums. These are compensated by the constant presence of food. Amino acids are indispensable for living animals, but corals cannot store excess amino acids for later use. If it is available on a regular basis, it is the closest thing to what nature does.
-Everything is tailored for use in a marine aquarium. Bacteria that will thrive in an aquarium environment, nutrients to feed it, the amino acids are also different from other products, these are suitable for a marine environment and are proven to meet the needs of different corals. Everything is useful in the aquarium and has not been put in because it sounds interesting.
- everything in 1 bottle! This makes it very easy. A combination of more than 10 different products in 1 bottle.

There are other all in one products, but they are not as complete as reef elixer. Reef Elixir is really all in one and there is no need to add other products.

However, it is possible to combine Reef Elixer with other methods. The product contains all trace elements so it is important to adjust the dosage. It can be assumed from 5 ML = 1 dkh in 100 liters.

The power of this product is not even so much that all trace elements are in it, but what it also adds: The amino acids, the bacteria and microorganisms, nutrients, the carbon sources to feed everything. And all this in the right proportions and in 1 handy bottle!

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