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Reef Elixer

Koio Koi King

Koio Koi King

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Koiō is a highly concentrated addition to your pond. It combines many different substances and ingredients and is an all-in-1 product.

Koiō ensures a better ecosystem in the pond.

It adds all the necessary bacteria. These lower the no2,nh4, no3 and po4. Better water quality is very pleasant for the animals and reduces stress and increases health. And they are fueled by fast and slow carbon sources. Adenosine, Chitosan, Fulvic and humic acids help to improve water quality even further. These bind with various contaminants in the water, heavy metals, discoloration and also make it difficult for unwanted algae and micro-organisms. They will be inhibited in growth and reproduction.

It also improves the health of the koi carp by giving them as many different nutrients as possible. Substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and various plant extracts.

The colors of the animals become more beautiful thanks to certain bacteria, nutrients such as alpha and beta carotene and astaxanthin.

Thanks to our experiences with our other all-in-one products, this all-in-one product for ponds was created.

Koiō contains:

Lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, probiotic bacteria

(Co-)enzymes, trace elements, macro elements, salts, plant extracts and hydrolysis material obtained from algae extraction

Enzymes for the breakdown of cellulose into a carbon source

Fast and slow carbon sources, Chitosan, Adenosine Humic acids fulvic and humin

19 free amino acids, Fatty acids c14 to c22,6 Vitamins A, B, C and D Omega 3 ALA

Ultrafine clay minerals, 20 types of herbs aimed at breeding behavior, appetite, resilience and general health

Carotene, alpha and beta carotene, astaxanthin for color improvement

1 liter per ±15000 liters

55 ml per 1000 liters per week

The dosage can be increased at higher occupancy. The dosage can be reduced at lower occupancy.

In warmer weather, more doses may be used to combat algae

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