World Cleanup Day – Join us!


Tips for a sustainable dog life 

A better environment starts with you. And with your dog! Because your four-legged friend also leaves a CO2 footprint. With these tips you can choose a good and sustainable dog life. 

  1. Pick up litter while walking

Of course, you clean up your dog's feces while walking (with a biodegradable poop bag). But you can do even more for the environment during a walk with the dog. Do you see litter on the street or in the forest? Pick it up and throw it away at home. Then you can immediately turn it into a 'stray' : a selfie showing how you clean up the litter! Don't forget to tag us ( – #dogoood), every month we make world-improving dogs happy with a well-filled GOOODiebag!

Together with your dog, we make the world a little cleaner in a fun way.

  1. Feed CO2 neutral dog food

The food you give your pet every day has the most impact on the environment. But here too you can make conscious choices. Not giving your dog too much food is obviously good for the animal's health. It is also the first step in reducing its carbon footprint. In addition, it is good to know that dry food is less harmful to the environment than wet food. Moreover, you can opt for sustainable dog food . For example, Goood is produced CO2 neutrally with natural, animal-friendly and organic ingredients and packaged in unique, recyclable packaging.
It is not without reason that our sustainably produced dog food is included in ' The Good Shopping Guide '; an overview of responsible companies. The CO2-neutral production of our premium pet food with natural ingredients meets internationally recognized standards. With a score of 95 out of 100, our efforts for a sustainable planet are seen and appreciated.

  1. Choose sustainable toys

You can make cats happy with a cardboard box, but there are also plenty of sustainable toys available for dogs. From floss ropes made from hemp rope to toys made from natural rubber and rice husks or all kinds of recycled materials. Just Google environmentally friendly dog ​​toys, plenty of choice!

  1. Compost dog poop

Dog waste is not allowed on the compost heap, but throwing it away with the residual waste is actually not good for the environment. The solution? A turd processor in the garden! Scoop the dog poop into the digestion tub, add water and digestion powder and your dog's feces will be biodegraded. Good riddance :-)!

  1. Enjoy nature together

If you take good care of nature, you and your dog can enjoy it for longer. Treat your dog (and yourself) to a new adventure, in a new nature reserve. On Doggy Dating you will find countless off-leash areas: from forest and meadow to beach or dune. That is guaranteed to motivate you to maintain your sustainability measures!

How do you ensure a sustainable dog life? Share your tips on our Facebook or Instagram and have a chance to win delicious sustainable treats for your dog!

Together we can improve the world!
For your dog. For our planet.