Together we save endangered species!


Together we save endangered species!

Goood wants to be good for your pet and at the same time do good for people, animals and the environment worldwide. That is why we support the German organization 'Rettet das Nashorn'.

Rettet das Nashorn (Save the Rhino) is committed to protecting endangered species. How? By supporting the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit. This group of women searches for poachers and weapons in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. With only one goal: to protect the last white rhinos.

Protect rhinos? Dogs have a nose for it!

For example, Rettet das Nashorn trains special sniffer dogs to help the Black Mambas in their mission. Because dogs are real detectives. With their excellent sense of smell, they can do good. They search cars to prevent poachers from smuggling weapons into the national parks and thus protect endangered animals together with the Black Mambas.

Good, healthy food is of course indispensable for the sniffer dogs for such an important task. That is why Goood Dog is a proud partner of the organizations Rettet das Nashorn and the Black Mambas.

The team in action

Ethical mindset

The Black Mambas also inform the local population about animal welfare and the importance of protecting nature. By raising awareness about the devastating effects of poaching and educating locals about the environment and its conservation, they create awareness and an ethical mindset in future generations.

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