Good food.

Your dog is as modern as you are. That's why good nutrition for your best friend means: a combination of meat and vegetable ingredients. He finds exactly that in Goood. Moreover, all recipes are grain-free and, above all, short. Without unnecessary additions. And because we source the ingredients as much as possible from the region, the transport routes are also short.

Good ingredients.


We want Goood to be not only pleasant for your dog, but also for other animals. That is why our meat comes from controlled free-range or organic farming, the fish from sustainable catch. And our suppliers think just like us. They therefore go for certified quality.


Sea buckthorn, blueberries, raspberries, elderberries and cranberries. Real power bombs for the organism due to the many valuable plant substances, important minerals and trace elements.

Sunflower & rapeseed oil .

Contain valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which make the coat of your sweet muzzle shine.

Spirulina algae . 

This miracle from the sea is bursting with vitamins and essential amino acids. Good for the metabolism and the immune system.


A real burst of energy with lots of potassium. From Bavarian fields.

Our packaging tells real stories…

All the dogs that adorn our packaging are not just any dogs... You can follow all their daring adventures on their Instagram accounts! Does your dog also have great adventures? Tag a photo of your sweet snout on Instagram with #goooddognl and maybe your dog will smile at you through our packaging!

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Well packaged.

Unique good protection. The best protection for the highest quality.
The FSC-certified recycled box protects the Goood freshpack from light, so that valuable vitamins are preserved in the food.

Is double packaging really environmentally friendly?

What you need to know: Our Goood freshpack is a real multi-tasker. It keeps the food fresh and the bag is not burned. It is reborn! Like a park bench for example. The recycled outer box protects the packaging from sunlight. And that's the difference. Both materials are recyclable and therefore more environmentally friendly than a simple plastic bag.

Did you know that Goood is completely CO2 neutral?

We really don't think carbon dioxide is Goood... If we produce Goood, it is inevitably released. In livestock farming, during production, during transport. We cannot change that, but we try to keep it as small as possible; for example, with energy-saving production and short transport routes where possible. We have a solution for the CO2 that cannot be avoided...

When we produce Goood, carbon dioxide is inevitably produced. In livestock farming, in production, in transport. We don't like that. That's why we keep it as low as possible. But we don't think that's enough. That is why we offset all released CO2 by protecting forests and planting trees – together with our environmental protection partner nature Office from Germany. For example, the CO2 in the atmosphere changes back into oxygen through photosynthesis.
Follow our climate projects…


We plant trees in Germany with the help of Bergwaldprojekt eV. With the aim of maintaining, protecting and caring for ecosystems.


In Togo, Africa, a truly natural forest is emerging. Tree nurseries are set up to grow native trees, which are then planted. We receive enthusiastic support from the local population. This gives the residents a long-term perspective. And that is very important to us.


In Jari Amapá, Brazil, we help maintain and protect the forest. The project aims to reduce additional greenhouse gas emissions and promote the development of sustainable business models for local families, for long-term protection. This project has VCS, CCBS and REDD+ certification.