Sustainable dog food

Goood sustainable premium dog food – What does that mean?

We live in a world where sustainable products are becoming more important. There's no doubt about that. But do you also think about it when buying food for your dog? Probably not.

Recent publications suggest that dogs have a similar ecological footprint as driving a large SUV for more than 3,000 kilometers. Goood wants to change that. Dog food produced with CO2 neutrality.

The production process of dog food inevitably releases an enormous amount of CO2. That is why all carbon dioxide resulting from production, in the livestock farming process and during transport is compensated by Goood. How? By protecting forests and planting trees in local projects in Brazil, Togo and Germany. Transparency is our top priority: with our tracking ID that you receive with the dog food, you can see how and where we compensate for our CO2 emissions.

But that is not everything. Goood's dog food is also packaged in a unique recyclable dog food packaging. The entire packaging can be reprocessed into a new product! That is what we call sustainable dog food.

Goood was developed by Interquell. This German family business works with leading nutritionists and veterinarians. The result is a premium dog food that is suitable for all breeds, ages and feeding methods.

The Goood range is available in five flavors (lamb, turkey, chicken, fish & chicken and fish), with ingredients sourced from (organic) free-range farms. Each one is available as dry food and wet food (canned), but also as dog treats. All food is grain-free and contains only natural ingredients; without small print!

Twan Tak, importer of Goood Dog Food :

“As dog food trends became more humane, we realized the impact the industry has on the environment. That is unacceptable. Animal welfare has been at the forefront of consumer spirit in the supermarket sector, but not when it comes to dog food. Most dog owners – just like the manufacturers – do not know where their dog's food comes from.

Our mission at Goood is to create a brand of dog food that not only puts animal welfare at the forefront, but also ensures there is no negative impact on the environment. We decided the only way forward was to be a fully recyclable and fully carbon neutral brand. In fact, we are going to go an extra step and offset more CO2 than we produce. We keep the climate in mind in everything we do. This way, Goood is not only good for your dog, but also for the planet.”