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Elegantly discreet. Technologically superior. Highly controllable. Incredibly effective.

Now in our second decade, EcoTech Marine continues to revolutionize the way people think about aquarium technology. Each of our products is meticulously engineered to improve the health of your ecosystem—and to enhance the natural beauty of your aquascape.

EcoTech Marine has set all new industry standards for aquarium equipment. Our technologically superior products produce unmatched performance—and our commitment to elegant design minimizes the equipment’s visual intrusion into your aquarium.

We work tirelessly to improve upon “state-of-the-art,” enabling our customers to create the healthiest, safest and smartest aquarium possible. That’s why our products offer a wide variety of easy-to-program modes and have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by marine-biologists—making them the most versatile and proven products on the market.
Ecotech Marine: For aquarists who refuse to compromise on quality, beauty, and value.

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