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KH guardian Professional edition
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KH guardian Professional edition

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KH Guardian Alkalinity monitor and controller Professional Edition

The KH Guardian Professional Edition is an all-in-one device that automatically monitors and controls the carbonate hardness (dKH) values of your reef tank throughout the day. dKH is a means of quantifying the stability of pH in aquarium water. It is a measure of the concentration of various negatively charged ionic compounds (anions) such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borate and hydroxides in the aquarium water. Although a simple and affordable test, user error and time is taken out of the equation so that one can rest assured that their reef aquarium is safe and stable.

Alkalinity maintenance is a critical aspect of coral reef aquarium husbandry. If left unchecked, alkalinity can drop below a critical level and pH begins to fluctuate more wildly than the suggested daily pH shift of +/-0.2 for marine aquaria, causing stress to livestock. In a marine aquarium, the desired alkalinity is usually between7° and 10° dKH (German carbonate hardness).

KH Guardian makes it possible to monitor the buffering capacity and automatically control KH levels, with the buffer of your own choice, of your aquarium water in a simple all in one device. KHG is the pioneer for automatic testing of the dKH. It uses a special optical lens and a unique algorithm. Where the copycats use a stepper motor, the KHG uses a medical pump. This combination makes the KHG extremely accurate.

Main Features :

The resolution is 0.1 dKH.
The Precision is +/- 0.1dKH.
Measurement range: 5 -12 dKH.
Use only one reagent for each test. The used reagent goes directly to the aquarium without any safety concern. Each test only takes around 3 ~ 4 cc. reagent. 1 package reagent included.
It supports remote terminal function to monitor and control the instrument via any web browser on the same local network. No need to install any software or APP. Simply use web browser for operation.
SD memory card preinstalled for the long-term data logging.
The KH Guardian Professional Edition has an automatic dKH controlling feature. It automatically calculates how much buffer of your choice (like DSR PH+ / EZ Buffer, Seachem Reef Builder / Reef Buffer, Salifert KH+PH Buffer, etc) should be added to the aquarium with the reference of the desired dKH target value, aquarium total water volume, and current testing value. Then the controller dose-in the solution accordingly.
Automatic measuring interval can be set from 30 to 240 minutes. Each measurement takes about 3 to 7 minutes.
With the KH Guardian Professional Edition there is no need to change the existing calcium reactor and alkalinity dosing. We do recommend to slightly decrease your current dKH dosing parameters below your desired target, and let KHG do the final fine tuning for your tank automatically.

About the KHG Reagent Solution:

The KH Guardian reagent solution is a special concentrated formulation to ensure the accuracy of the testing and safety of the reagent that goes back into your aquarium. We carefully selected famous pharmaceutical grade chemical producers as stable supply. Each batch is safe with international certificate.
Each pack of concentrated KH reagent shall be diluted with 1500 grams (please note that it is not ml) of pure water. Keep the error in +/-1 grams of pure water. Each concentrated reagent pack can be used for about 2 months if the KH Guardian were set to performs a test every four hours with a consumption of 4 grams of solution.
No added preservatives to the concentrated KH reagent pack in order to protect the safety of living creatures in your fish tank as the supreme principle.

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